Conversation # 5

In flow 1 on February 13, 2012 at 12:17 am

Nikka & Tristan

Tristan: “Sorry to hear about your brother babe”

Nikka: “Yeah, thanks”

Tristan: “So how is he doing?”

Nikka: “Well, he is still a little foggy, but that’s expected being tasered in the forehead”

Tristan: “How did Malaney get a hold of the officer’s taser anyway”

Nikka: “Well, apparently she was being escorted out by the police”

Tristan: “What was she doing at American Press, isn’t she a massage therapist?”

Nikka: “Yes, but she was stalking him trying to call him on a pay phone from inside the office”

Tristan: “Did she know someone that worked there?”

Nikka: “No, I kept telling Eric to be careful, but he said Steve ok’d her”

Tristan: “Steve!  Steve has 4 toes what does he know”

Nikka: “I know, I told him, but does he listen to his sister? No”

Tristan: “Well, I’ll go see him tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll bring him some food”

Nikka: “Please do.  All they are feeding him is soup and jello.  And he can’t stand jello anymore”


Nikka: “He said that he shi-poo was in kindergarten and that is what she would pack in her lunch box”

Tristan: “But a shi-poo is a dog”

Nikka: ” I know”


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